Writing For Children, Part 1 Writing children books requires thinking about your past, and maintaining contact with young people today. We were kids, we all know, parents or parent figures. Makes us all potential authors for children. In my opinion, and children's books for children are not a lot, but to fill the world between the world of children and adults. In both cases, and all the books in the children's room to negotiate, no matter how this picture book is believed that the voice reading the text, or a child how to look his or her own run in the world of adults. When he arrived, and children between the hand and eye or ear, and there are a lot of adults to deal with an editor, photographer, public relations, marketing and purchase of adults. Of course, most likely, you are an adult reading this, then once you think that something in writing for children, and will be dealt, or anything else from the days of your childhood. This may be your experience of reading and reading and have fun, or a painful experience, from when I was small. There is an interesting line between the girl, you have a child, you know. If you want to write a book for children, you will find yourself back and forth along the line, one minute do not know what kind of children you are, why does not the special interests of taste, what is your frustration or excitement, and I was afraid, I desire, and after that, it looks , listen, and think your child know or meet. Is there a big difference, there are still a core group - a miracle, he has changed? Cultural background, where he came from similar or different types of children, as you know, meet, right? If so, your...
Day Cream For women with normal to dry skin is better to use cleansing creams. Cleansing Cream opens the pores, splits sebaceous dissolves dust, dirt, cosmetics, removes orogovelye particles. Method of application of the gel: vspente gel cleanser in your hands, put on your face and neck, excluding eye area and rinse with water. Method of cleansing cream: Apply cleansing cream to face and neck, gentle movements of the massage lines, eliminates eye area. After 3-4 minutes remove the vehicle with cotton pad moistened with boiled water or tonic. Purification procedure and washing to be held twice a day - morning and evening. Step 2. Toning. This step completes the cleansing process. With the help of a tonic removes residual cleanser, refreshes, soothes the skin, gently tightens pores and restore acid-alkaline balance. In addition, the active ingredients in the formula tonic, enhance the action of other cosmetic products. Dosing tonic: Apply a small number of tonic on a cotton disc and wipe the skin in the direction of the massage lines, excluding the area around the eyes. Thanks to the cleansing and toning, we optimally prepare the skin for application of funds belonging to the following stages. The following two procedures: application of a cream, depending on time of day - day or night moisturizer nutrient. Step 3. Hydration. Daily moisturizer is recommended for use with 14-15 years of age. He is one of the most important stages of skin care. Day Cream moisturizes the skin, making it longer retains its elasticity and softness.

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