Day Cream For women with normal to dry skin is better to use cleansing creams. Cleansing Cream opens the pores, splits sebaceous dissolves dust, dirt, cosmetics, removes orogovelye particles. Method of application of the gel: vspente gel cleanser in your hands, put on your face and neck, excluding eye area and rinse with water. Method of cleansing cream: Apply cleansing cream to face and neck, gentle movements of the massage lines, eliminates eye area. After 3-4 minutes remove the vehicle with cotton pad moistened with boiled water or tonic. Purification procedure and washing to be held twice a day - morning and evening. Step 2. Toning. This step completes the cleansing process. With the help of a tonic removes residual cleanser, refreshes, soothes the skin, gently tightens pores and restore acid-alkaline balance. In addition, the active ingredients in the formula tonic, enhance the action of other cosmetic products. Dosing tonic: Apply a small number of tonic on a cotton disc and wipe the skin in the direction of the massage lines, excluding the area around the eyes. Thanks to the cleansing and toning, we optimally prepare the skin for application of funds belonging to the following stages. The following two procedures: application of a cream, depending on time of day - day or night moisturizer nutrient. Step 3. Hydration. Daily moisturizer is recommended for use with 14-15 years of age. He is one of the most important stages of skin care. Day Cream moisturizes the skin, making it longer retains its elasticity and softness.
SOKOS Conference The world-famous network of European hotels SOKOS now boasts one more to their hotel - excellent Sokos Olympic Garden. This hotel is built on the latest technologies in 2008. It has all conditions and taking into account all the wishes, as business people and tourists. It offers individuals and organizations entire eleven conference halls, equipped with the very latest technology, in which we can negotiate and meetings at the highest level. The hotel has all conditions for both work and leisure - cozy, comfortable rooms, fitness room, sauna. The hotel is located in a historic building dynasty in Olympic Park. Inside is a terrific spa, which includes a swimming pool, as many as eight kinds of saunas, beauty salon and much more. This hotel is simply created to conduct effective business events and an excellent holiday. If you tourist and come to see the beauty of St. Petersburg, then the choice of Sokos Hotel Olympic Garden You will be also interesting in that it is in ssamom downtown. This is an excellent place to start walking, in addition, it equidistant from the main historical monuments, so to get to them quickly and without any hassle. Hotel SOKOS will be very interesting for gourmets, as it collected a huge number of restaurants, cafes and bars. The hotel contains all the possible options for recreation for visitors. Fun parties, romantic stay together, a passionate honeymoon vacation with children, immersion in the culture and history of the city - just a mass of leisure options. AND in each case prepared special packages. Do you have a business trip? You can only focus on the content of the conference or seminar, all the rest will take care of our hotel. At your service - cabinets, conference facilities and everything you need to work effectively.

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