Water Treatment Systems Exists today in Russia is an objective lack of energy (electricity and thermal) capacity due, largely, not only lack of building new generating plants, but significant deterioration of already existing thermal power plants. Among the many causes of this deterioration, one of the key roles played by the poor quality of the coolant - water. This issue remains urgent, despite the fact that today was developed and widely used a whole arsenal of means for water treatment. It was established that the activities of water treatment gives fuel savings of 20 to 40%, extends the life of boilers and boiler equipment up to 25-30 years. However, the complexity of the situation is that when large volumes of water, reaching several thousand m3 / h, its cleaning and preparation is complex and multifaceted task, involving technical, economic and environmental aspects. This involves take into account the continuous increase in prices for reagents and electricity consumption which in these processes is very high. It should also take into account that the cost of electricity for pumps in water treatment systems up to 40% of total requirements. It is obvious that one way to reduce costs and risks is to use a water treatment plant (WTP) of modern physicochemical methods and energy-efficient equipment, in particular - pumps for different purposes. Pretreatment significant amount of impurities of different dispersity in natural waters determines the need for their multi-stage training. The first stage involves removal of coarse (GFC) and colloidal particles. Keep in mind that mistakes at this stage cause reduced efficiency of the subsequent stages (eg, organic pollutants can cause "poisoning" ion-exchange resins), as well as give rise to deposits on the surface of the heating and corrosion of metallic elements.
Automation - Is The Best Option For Fans. Excellent Automatic watering fountain relatives - and nice and helpful! Yes, that is, some watering system is truly beautiful and so fit perfectly in the design, it looks just awesome! You love nature, you garden? You like to watch them grow without back pain from what buckets carry the water? Then a more convenient option for you would be automatic irrigation system. People that love to plant and care for them, know what to for them. Such irrigation is suitable for both natural gardens, and for the winter. It does not require daily care. When choosing the right equipment and the correct calculation similar irrigation works completely in the independent mode. Design of irrigation systems is made only by professionals, but still made big deliveries of equipment. Good prices and comfortable environment for customers will be able to help make the right choice among lots of different irrigation systems. On the site you can read all about the automatic watering and get great answers to various questions during the selection of automatic irrigation. In the feedback is possible to define Various questions or call in and ask the specialist about what you want to know. Automatic irrigation system - this is an excellent option for people who care for their farm, wanting to get a good return carpet of flowers. For corporate customers by full complete set of objects. The products are certified, engaged in wholesale deliveries of large, pre-production project is gratuitously, and even consulted specialists with years of experience. Glaze may be different depending on the irrigated area, drainage. The most common irrigation system - a drip. Powered by automatic watering throughout the lawn, if it is big. Placed sprinklers spraying water. The system of water dug in the ground at 30-45 pm automation unit using a simple interface...

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