Environmental Protection Grounded tanker split in Cyprus and has lost about 370 tons of oil. The tanker was heading to Server Russian port of Murmansk, on board were 650 tonnes of oil. American journalist wrote a book against environmentalists in early 2007 in stores appearing book 'Eco-queer: Environmental Protection environment is dangerous for your health! '. In it the American journalist John Berllan argues that tales of environmentalists - guff. After analyzing the basic tenets of modern environmentalists, he released a book in which tried to show that many of their theses sucked from the finger. Based on the fact that throughout its history, humanity has survived only thanks to the protection of Mother Nature, tuned very unfriendly, Berllan debunked myths about global warming, the dangers of pesticides and asbestos, as well as the devastating impact of cars and dams. In Moscow, opened the monument to monument stray animals stray animals 'Sympathy' was opened at the metro station 'Mendeleev' Serpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya branch of the Moscow Metro. Opening it had on the last day of the Year of the Dog oriental calendar - February 17. 'This - the world's first monument dedicated humane treatment of stray animals, it symbolizes respect for all living things and protest against cruelty ', highlighted in the press service of the metro. A bronze sculpture of Alexander the authorship Tsigal Corresponding Member of Academy of Arts, Honored Artist of Russia, is set in the lobby of the metro on the pedestal of the coil-monolith. The installation site of the monument was not by chance - literally a stone's throw away in the station underpass 'Mendeleev', was killed by a dog called Boy, wards many workers underground.
Onions Turnip Seeds Onion turnip seed in one year. In the middle zone can grow onions turnip seed in one year, so you can get your sevok from seed. For such cultivation are not suitable for acute grade. But the onion in annual crops require more careful maintenance. If fertilizer is not made under a predecessor, in the fall when digging the soil evenly scatter of 5-6 kg of humus or compost in combination with complex mineral fertilizers. Seeding: For turnip from seeds can be used early spring sowing at the same time as the seed for sevok. Annual plant onions can be better on light soils rapidly warmed. The height of beds should be at least 20 cm, width 100 cm, for early spring planting beds and prepare the soil in the fall. Seeds before planting soak up the swelling, then dried to flowability. Consumption of 1 g of seeds for 1 square meter, depth of planting 1 - 1.5 cm surface peat mulch beds or humus thin layer. The earlier performed sowing, the greater the yield and the better vyzreyut bulbs. In the case of cooling from spring frosts and crop shelter nonwoven material. Care: At the beginning of the growing season the seedlings are developing very onion slowly and choke the weeds, so very important to weed. Under favorable conditions, seedlings appear within 7-10 days. After emergence aisle loosened at a shallow depth. Thickened crops thinned out in this phase leaves 1.2 to 2 cm in the row, the next time when 3-4 true leaves of 5-6 cm thinning thinning is best done after watering or rain, to pull the plant by the roots. Shallow tillage spend 1 day a week. Fertilize complex fertilizers. Onion harvest is carried out as and when grown from Seva, lodging at a mass of...

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