Metropolitan Area They are even admitted influences of pre-Columbian cultures to the culture of the conquerors. It also enter- and we are aware that more complex communication but we prefer the risk of reductionism, that the conquerors themselves had deep cracks between them. Of different types. And still in their updates. To the extent that much of the menu of alternatives to the pole for short call it G-8, are from the same countries that are trying to impose the pattern of globalizing homogenization was already explicit in the Charter of the United Nations, 1945. Thus, our daily life in our neighborhoods, our medium and small towns, our rural regions of Argentina, home to a cultural inertia of different layers, the latter of which has been increasingly hegemonic impulses of energy from hydrocarbons. We left because our monographic approach synergy generated by about 38 million people inhabiting the territory of Argentina. It is worth mentioning that following the recent national elections, was in readiness to vote 27 million people over 18 years. According to the 1991 census, there were 1600 settlements than 600 people, highlighting the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires, currently around 14 million people. In previous developments we put the emphasis on those around 1,440 settlements in the strip that is twenty thousand six hundred inhabitants. Also we conjecture, based on the schema shown in the splendor of the rail system by at least a thousand more human settlements, less than 600 inhabitants. They do not include the dispersed rural population.
Achieving Objectives We know that the great desire is of extreme importance to achieve an objective because desire impels to us, causes that we make many sacrifices in order materialize what we want, that is good. In order to be successful the flame of ardent desire is necessary because that will maintain to us at any moment with forces mainly when we must surpass the adversities, without a doubt that the paper of positive thought is important, the mind has great power as long as it is known how to arrive at. What is the addiction? It is possible to be said that it is the desire of an idea that the mind perceives like a danger because it considers that when obtaining damage to the own life will become it, in example of this are the drugs, at the beginning the people begin to consume them they acquire and them with facility but as the addiction becomes chronic obtaining the drugs extremely become difficult because according to I to us say to Andrew Corentt in his book I am Happy, I I am Rico the subconscious mind understands that the life is in danger and one of its main functions is to preserve the life. How we can to undergo addiction when wanting to obtain a goal? A form to discover it is the way in which we are working to secure our goal, we do if it in disorderly form, running, with desperation, probably we are falling in the addiction, why? Because the profit of goals implies a ordered work, methodical and without by far effort but at every moment we must feel peace, love and happiness reason why we do that generates a great power. When we worked much but in desperate form the unique thing that this indicates...

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