Economic Crisis All we know that in recent years the economic crisis has affected a good amount of countries, mainly to those countries that during years have tried to recover of strong economic recessions. Between one it releases list of countries that we can mention we can say that our Mexico country is between the list. It is not necessary to hope to see the news to give account to us of this, it is only enough to see the great amount of unemployment that exists in the country, the great median and amount small companies that they have had to declare itself in bankruptcy due to the alarming diminution of product sale. By the previous thing an interesting question arises, How can a business of increasing its sales dramatically? The answer is simple: Abrir one Tends Online. Why it is practical abrir a Store Online in Mexico? The reason is very simple: So that if you abres a virtual store online you can agragar an extra to him to your business, it give added value him and you have the opportunity to arrive not only at a local or national market if not to a market world-wide. When abrir a virtual store you allow your clients to be in contact with the enemy with your company the 24 hours the 365 days of the year. At the moment few are the physical businesses that tell on a store online in Mexico which indicates that still you have a great opportunity to arrive at very many client by means of this tool little used in our country. By such reason djame explicarte 5 important reasons for which you would have abrir your own virtual store online. 1. Service 24x7: As I explained to you previously you offer to your clients the facility...
Society Politics The democratization is an act of submission of all the interests to the competition, is an action of institutionalization of the uncertainty. Decisive step in direction to the democracy is given by the transference of being able of a group of people for a set of regras' ' (Przeworski, 1994, P. 31) Valley to the penalty to remember, that throughout the ideas contained in this objective work if not to place the inconsistencies, critical or decurrent problems of the theories presented for the above-mentioned authors. This work exclusively turns in the attempt to understand how the autonomy of the civil Society under the form of the ONGs can be understood from the theories that explain the change after politics 80 years important landmark in the transistion of regimes authoritarian for regimes democratic. For Przeworski (1994) ' ' the democratic societies are inhabited not by individuals that act freely, but by collective organizations that coerce those whose interests representam' ' (Przeworski, 1994, P. 27) the ONGs, exactly that if they inside do not fit of the category of forces politics or the conditions do not contemplate all to act as such, that is, inside does not compete between itself of institucional structures specific such as political party, they are capable to influence the decisions of that in them they act (Przeworski, 1994, p 26). As Sell (2006) understands here the abrangncia of a ONG that inserted one inside of a perspective of the Theory of the new social movements influenced by Alain Touraine, as being an institutionalization and professionalization of the proper social movements. That more than what a revolutionary taking of the power, searchs to transform, for the fight its daily one, contributing for the construction of a new notion of citizenship and a new culture politics.

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