National Integration At the moment where the Executive to need to disclose itself regarding the establishment of lines of direction that differentiate the diversities that will determine the delimitation of new territories, the territorial militancies of some Political parties will give subsidies so that its respective representatives, fulfilling parliamentary or occupying mandates of positions in the Executive, have conditions to proactively participate proativamente of the process of identification of the limitations and potentialities of these new territories and to suggest courses of action and of intervention pertinent and adjusted to the respective territorial realities. 3. The TERRITORY IN the CURRENT AGENDA OF the GOVERNMENT the entrance in scene of the territory, as recent protagonist of the actions of the Government and the society retraces to the Federal Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil of 1988, that it establishes in its article 21, interpolated proposition IX: Art. 21 Compete to the Union: IX? to elaborate and to execute national and regional plans of ordinance of the territory and economic and social development; This rule this strengthened in the same constitutional text, through the article 23, only paragraph: Art. 23 Is common ability of the Union, the States, the Federal District and the Cities: Only paragraph. Complementary laws will fix norms for the cooperation between the Union and the States, the Federal District and the Cities, in view of the balance of the development and well-being in national scope. The Law n 10,683, of 28 of May of 2003, that it makes use on the organization of the Presidency of Republic and of the Ministries, in turn, establishes in Chapter II, Section I, article 27, interpolated proposition XIII, alnea l, and in its paragraph 3: CHAPTER II OF the MINISTRIES SECTION I OF the Art. DENOMINATION the 27 subjects that constitute areas of...
Trends In The Handkerchief - Industry A handkerchief was already in the 50s one of the most popular accessories of the then mostly male society. It lifted the individual out from the crowd and was a mark of special confidence and wealth, but this was only for the period. Today Einstecktcher go to a new trend that seems to have its roots in the film and music industry. The handkerchief is vorgefalten and vorgenht in various patterns and colors, available color combinations. Even simple Einstecktcher that have already been purchased or have been resolved with the purchase of a tie for free, can be processed subsequently desired pattern. Whether in everyday business, a wedding or a festive weekend visit to a nightclub: The handkerchief can not be limited to a clientele through the various patterns and shapes specific and upfront branchenuntermalende Einstecktcher that emphasize the special occasion in a special way. In addition to all the teams, clubs, associations or organizations with a handkerchiefHighlighting the single occurrence will be safe. Whether stress in the restaurant area, the hotel trade or weekly meetings debating: Unity, with a yearly total picture and create a quick identification of the team of outsiders can be viaa simple, but are realized refined handkerchief. Thus, the handkerchief more recently gaining more attention, when there many years as obsolete and was no longer appropriate. Using the new fashionable designs and shapes, puts it, for the occasion, on special features. Many people who have never seen a handkerchief taken to follow this new trend, which proves "even now as a very assertive," as confirmed trend researchers recently. Jorg Christian

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