Island Day In day 22, they had sighted a mount which had given name Pascoal the Mount, because it was week of Passover. In day 24, they had anchored close to the land and they had given the name of Safe Port. In day 26, sunday of Passover, in the Ilhu of the Red Crown, frei Enrique de Coimbra celebrated the First Mass. Another mass, in firm land, was celebrated in 1 of May. In this exactly day, the ownership of the land was officialized and in the following day they had followed in direction to India. The notary of the fleet, Pero Vaz de Caminha wrote a letter for king D. Manuel telling the discovery which was taken for Portugal for Caspar de Lemos in one of the vessels. As soon as they had arrived, the navigators had found natives who walked undressed total and called to the place of Pindorama, whose meant it is land of the palms. For assuming that one was about a small land band, they had given to the name of Island of Vera Cross. Little time later, had made an expedition and when perceiving that if it dealt with a continental area, they had changed the name for Land of Santa Cruz. In 4 of October of 1501, Amrico Vespcio and Andres Gonalves participating of a recognition expedition, they had arrived at the estuary of a river the one that had given the name of San Francisco, for being day of San Francisco de Assis. In 22 of January of 1502, the expedition of Caspar de Lemos arrived at an island and had given the name of Is Vicente. In 1511, the Portuguese had discovered a wood that freed ink live coal color, called for the natives of orabut, ibirapitanga, ibirapit or muirapiranga, but had...

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