Great Towns In Majorca The archaeologist Sebasti Munar is a good connoisseur of the history that remains hidden in the depths the Balearic sea. He affirms that in Majorca there is a hundred of known subaqueous deposits, but does not discard that they are many more. He vindicates the creation of an archaeological letter, an official registry of the submarine sediments that helps its conservation and makes difficult expolio systematic of subaqueous archaeological pieces that has taken place in the island. Hace few days gave a lecture in Dog Picafort on the archaeological wealth subMari to existing in the coast of the Nord of the island. What has of special this zone? Santa Margalida is the municipality with more terrestrial archaeological rest of the island. Necrpolis of well-known Is Real is the element more, but it much more has an ample patrimony and stranger like Roman Majorca towns and Islamic farmhouses. At aquatic level, the Badia de Alcdia has much wealth. Majorca is one of the zones of the western Mediterranean in which there are more rest subaqueous by square meter. In any zone of the island are Roman, Punic, Byzantine rest, Islamic Majorca was a crossroad of all the cultures and the unique form to arrive era in boats that have left rest us in the sea. It thinks that it is all or shortage or still are surprises to keep awake? In Majorca is a hundred of recognized deposits, but this number could multiply when there is interest in knowing the reality. Balears is the unique independent community of the Mediterranean that still does not have a subaqueous archaeological letter, a registry of the existing sediments. The other communities, Catalonia, Valncia, Murcia and Andalusia, count on the letter and know everything perfectly what they at heart have of his seas and their...

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