The Fulfillment Safely "thrown off" the order of his familiar and promising, as possible to accede to it at some stage, with a sense of appreciation for the fulfillment of other obligations. The only disappointing point at that time was information that there was some interesting, although it is justifiable at first glance, graduation Performers: Group A - proven and reliable professionals, and of group "B" - newcomers, a term that covers all the rest. From beginners just needed anything - a little fee (300-400 rubles). For the provision of customer discs with movies, where you can purchase them in unlimited quantities and, of course, a certain system of discounts, which could not bribe. Details of the promised send mail for some reason, but here's the basic (seduce every beginner frilantsa) information: the cost of the work on one film 5000-6000 rubles. almost unlimited time of transfer - a calendar month, immediately transfer to the group "A", whose members are all the materials will be sent free of charge, in general all the pros have posted here in the letter. "Small fee" instantly drowned in the bright dreams, and do not hesitate even a legitimate condition of the customer that a case of unsatisfactory performance of the order (low-quality translation, slippage), cash zakachikom interpreter will not be returned. Scams after a whiff. Along came across this movie on one of the cable channels, was one of a series of Australian documentary series about animals. We would be happy, but to write a translator! And only now I realize that such things at home do not made (with a deep bow to Mr.
General Features The General Features of Hammer Crusher The hammer crusher has advanced structure, reliable performance, steady work and low energy consumption, suitable for crushing medium hardness and brittle materials, such as limestone, coal, salt, chalk, gypsum, alum, brick, tile, coal and so on. The compressive strength of the material to be broken is no more than 150 MPa. The machine is mainly used for cement, coal preparation, power generation, building materials and compound fertilizer industry to break different raw materials into uniform particle size. Also used for crushing fiber structure, strong flexibility and toughness of broken wood, paper or breaking asbestos cement waste to recycle asbestos fibers. Features: Hammerhead adopts new technology casting, with wear and impact resistance. It can be adjust to required size according to customer requirements. The hammer body have sealed structure, solving dust pollution and leakage in crushing plant gray body. The hammer overall has beautiful design, compact structure, less wearing parts, and easy maintenance, etc. Working principle: Hammer crusher mainly rely on shock action to break material. The crushing process is roughly like this: the material falls into the crusher, suffered the impact of the high-speed rotation of the hammer and be broken, broken material gets kinetic energy from the hammer and rushed to the subwoofers and sieve bar in rack high speed body, simultaneously, material are colliding with each other and be broken, then the materials smaller than the screen bars gap are discharged from the gap; individual big pipes are re-crushed thereby obtaining the desired particle size of the product.

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