General Features The General Features of Hammer Crusher The hammer crusher has advanced structure, reliable performance, steady work and low energy consumption, suitable for crushing medium hardness and brittle materials, such as limestone, coal, salt, chalk, gypsum, alum, brick, tile, coal and so on. The compressive strength of the material to be broken is no more than 150 MPa. The machine is mainly used for cement, coal preparation, power generation, building materials and compound fertilizer industry to break different raw materials into uniform particle size. Also used for crushing fiber structure, strong flexibility and toughness of broken wood, paper or breaking asbestos cement waste to recycle asbestos fibers. Features: Hammerhead adopts new technology casting, with wear and impact resistance. It can be adjust to required size according to customer requirements. The hammer body have sealed structure, solving dust pollution and leakage in crushing plant gray body. The hammer overall has beautiful design, compact structure, less wearing parts, and easy maintenance, etc. Working principle: Hammer crusher mainly rely on shock action to break material. The crushing process is roughly like this: the material falls into the crusher, suffered the impact of the high-speed rotation of the hammer and be broken, broken material gets kinetic energy from the hammer and rushed to the subwoofers and sieve bar in rack high speed body, simultaneously, material are colliding with each other and be broken, then the materials smaller than the screen bars gap are discharged from the gap; individual big pipes are re-crushed thereby obtaining the desired particle size of the product.
General Motors Considered the very valid program its signaling, the practice is based on the management, this discipline attributed to him, required of practice to be applied. Only when a practice is mature enough, scholars can make contributions of importance, since without practice the academic cannot produce contribution to Management. Cannot be denied, that the trends of business in the last 50 years, have been exposed in his works, by defining the knowledge society as the basis of the current company and the future. He was the first to give a clear definition of business. Enjoy swimming on a daily basis, its premise is staying in shape, although it uses cane, your pace when walking equals that of any person. As they have pointed out you, that its analysis of the Administration, is a valuable guide for leaders of companies that need to study his own performance, diagnose their own failures and improve their own productivity as well as your company's is recognized. Illustrative examples are taken from companies such as Sears Roebuck & Co., General Motors, Ford, IBM, Chrysler and American Telephone & Telegraph. This work also exposes about management by objectives, whereas Drucker as one of the main pioneers of the concept recognizes the scope and impact that is generated when indicated, there are 5 practices and habits that must be learned to become an effective Executive: 1 any Executive efficient control your time, 2 any Executive effective directs its efforts toward default result3 efficient Executive builds with forces: their own and those of his superiors, colleagues and subordinates and the circumstances, 4 the effective Executive focuses on a few major areas, therefore, sets priorities; 5 the efficient Executive make effective decisions, knows that it has to implement a system to do this. Is considered much in their contributions when...

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