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General Dynamics Psychomotor skills. S show some exercises applied especially to volleyball, that could be used to start the child in sport and also how entry in class heat, whatever the level of the students. 1-Space development. -Run by the lines of the whole Stadium, after one of the two halves, or zones. -Ditto side, staying in front to the network. 2-Temporary relationships. -With sticks or balls, couples, change before you fall to the ground. -In pairs with a cane marked in the Middle, that it has released and one should take it until fall, before or after the mark, as the slogan. -Whole group running across the pitch, the coach appoints a player and throws the ball, the player must take it until it drops. 3-Coordination motorial. -Keep a balloon in the air with a single arm. -Idem, hit him once with each hand. -Launch the balloon upward pass low, before it falls, how many times can. -Different types of launch with balls of paper. -Pass balls paper mate in jumping. -Launch balls game, in different directions and take them after pique. -Launch balls rolling, run and break with the tail. -Pediment individually or in pairs. 4-Study of the flight of the ball. -The coach throws the ball, students must hit hands on the highest point of the flight path. -In pairs, one passes to the other, hit the hands that receives. Stages of formation. ELITE performance: + 18 years training: 15 to 19 years. INITIATION: 10 to 14 years. Volleyball: Moments for its development from motor skills to the media tecnicos-tacticos to) perceptual capacities - motorboats (to 8 / 9 years approximately) Coordinativas capabilities: General Dynamics and balance skills Basic. Temporary space evaluation of trajectories coordination oculo-manual games Propaedeutic circuits and stations played. (b) home on work skills specific (9...

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