General Dynamics Psychomotor skills. S show some exercises applied especially to volleyball, that could be used to start the child in sport and also how entry in class heat, whatever the level of the students. 1-Space development. -Run by the lines of the whole Stadium, after one of the two halves, or zones. -Ditto side, staying in front to the network. 2-Temporary relationships. -With sticks or balls, couples, change before you fall to the ground. -In pairs with a cane marked in the Middle, that it has released and one should take it until fall, before or after the mark, as the slogan. -Whole group running across the pitch, the coach appoints a player and throws the ball, the player must take it until it drops. 3-Coordination motorial. -Keep a balloon in the air with a single arm. -Idem, hit him once with each hand. -Launch the balloon upward pass low, before it falls, how many times can. -Different types of launch with balls of paper. -Pass balls paper mate in jumping. -Launch balls game, in different directions and take them after pique. -Launch balls rolling, run and break with the tail. -Pediment individually or in pairs. 4-Study of the flight of the ball. -The coach throws the ball, students must hit hands on the highest point of the flight path. -In pairs, one passes to the other, hit the hands that receives. Stages of formation. ELITE performance: + 18 years training: 15 to 19 years. INITIATION: 10 to 14 years. Volleyball: Moments for its development from motor skills to the media tecnicos-tacticos to) perceptual capacities - motorboats (to 8 / 9 years approximately) Coordinativas capabilities: General Dynamics and balance skills Basic. Temporary space evaluation of trajectories coordination oculo-manual games Propaedeutic circuits and stations played.
Russian Foreign Minister For its part, Tbilisi denounced in turn other military activities to Russia It is being conducted with both pro-independence republics. The Georgian Government alleges that what Moscow pursues this is your country appears in the eyes of the world as an aggressive State, with which it is not advisable to have dealings. One Georgian analyst considers big dividends of manoeuvres, should not be expected because NATO does not want to harm its relations with Russia, given the problems that has pending in Afghanistan: NATO is more interested in obtaining Russian cooperation that Russia to cooperate with the Alliance. He based his opinion on the fact that Russia does not aspire to join NATO, does not depend on this for their safety and not relations with the Atlantic organization considered priority. Moscow warns of the risk of acts of provocation against the NATO troops, who blamed the Russian secret services, to embitter the already complicated situation that will occur in Georgia. The aforementioned representative of Russia in NATO believed that the Georgian Government seeks to internationalize the conflict as a way of strengthen its unstable political position. Finally, the Russian Foreign Minister told a local news agency: NATO has returned to the cold war and the logic of confrontation. But the war has its own rules, as we all know. It is likely to be only a verbal relief, in tune with the situation, but the terms of the conflict are already on the table and negotiating positions appear to sofocadas under a risky military, own and peculiar dynamic of the Atlantic organisation. The dark shadow of Afghanistan also hovers over the Caucasus, for a NATO that seems to create more problems that they solve.

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