Programming In C Files Generated When You Compile A Program In Devc This article shows you the files that are generated when you compile a program in c ++ regardless of the platform and the development environment you are using. At this time if you're following my instructions, you are working under windows and the environment devc ++. This is not exclusionary, anyone seated on another platform or with another development environment can work in c ++ and files generated will be the same. Which files are generated when you compile a program in c ++?. Well the first thing is to say that when you believe source code (for example to create a new file in devc ++) are editing a file with extension .cpp is the extension with which any development environment saves it you to the location on your hard disk than your indicate you. In the event you use a plain text editor to perform the code (case of unix or linux platforms) own programmer is that saves the file with the extension. cpp. Therefore we will always have a .cpp file that will be where East source code and you will need to modify in the event that you want to change your program code. This file by itself not only runs the application. When compile the compiler does is translate the code source .cpp code understandable by the computer. It translates it to code machine or code object. This file extension is. o. normally some most of the development do not show this file, perform this operation from translation of intermediate form. To obtain the file object, the compiler executes the same and generates an executable named file with extension. exe. This .exe file is running the program. You do not you can view the source code from a file. exe. Therefore when making an application...
Food Processors Passed, passed away those years when the kitchen main tools were a knife, mortar, rolling pin, and skimmer. Noisy foaming cook in bedraggled aprons as an unchanging attribute of kitchens past centuries also disappeared. Now kitchens are all very civilized. The very concept of the kitchen in the apartment or house only as a place of cooking has changed - now it is a dining room, or even living with a certain functional area, where food is brought to final presentable form. Smoke, steam, fumes, chatter knives, graters rustling, spanking mouth - all this is almost never see or hear in the modern kitchen. Well, maybe sometimes but very rarely. Technical progress has largely freed modern women from the heavy manual labor in the kitchen. Due to this overwhelming majority of women, and men too, can quickly and inexpensively prepare a variety of labor dishes like before work and after work and on holidays to please yourself and your loved ones or friends with original culinary creations. And yet after all this not to be tired and exhausted. Let's see what appliances we need in the kitchen. They have great variety. Grinder, , juicers, grinders, graters, blenders, razmeshivateli (mixers), etc. All electric, all the wonderful and perfectly performing their functions. But then immediately climbs poser - a quantity of equipment takes a lot of places, and they are all different, the instructions are different rules for different users - go and figure it out. Naturally, the historically with the emergence of even the earliest technical innovations in the kitchen inventors soon began to try to modify them so that they performed no one any action, but two, three or even more.

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