Pipeline Technology In essence, the show needed to sell and buy goods, enter into contracts, establish distribution relationships. Exhibitions are needed for the analysis of competitors' activities and awareness about their latest developments. Most surveys were conducted at the shows, from 30% to 40% indicated the main purpose of his participation in the event marketing research. Visiting the exhibition allows company representatives to get acquainted in detail with the technology of competitors, their prices and the depth of penetration in market. Every year, more than 70 countries, several thousand international trade exhibitions. Regularly hosts exhibitions specializing in specific industries: computers, automobiles, fashion, household goods and much more. Here are a few examples of world-renowned international exhibitions: HANNOVER MESSE In 2006, the exhibition HANNOVER MESSE has gathered under its roof the largest of 10 international trade fairs, including INTERKAMA +, Factory Automation, Energy, Digital Factory, Subcontracting, MicroTechnology and Research & Technology. Among the new exhibits as part of HANNOVER MESSE - Industrial Building Automation, Pipeline Technology and Industrial Facility Management & Services. Of the 5175 participants in this grand event in Hannover 2322 exhibitors were foreign companies from 66 countries worldwide. 30% of visitors also come for abroad, provided that HANNOVER MESSE new surge of popularity at the international level and further increased its appeal unmatched in the world. CeBIT CeBIT - this is the largest industrial exhibition. Area covered fairground exhibition of 370 thousand square meters. m, number of exhibitors - 6 thousand, that is, given event, held in Hanover, 10 times more than most trade shows around the world.
Buy Travelers Checks What is traveler's checks? Traveler's check - is issuing its financial obligation of the company or bank to pay the specified amount on the check to the owner, whose specimen signature is affixed on a road check at the time of sale. Upon presentation to the owner must pay a second signature on the check. Payment is made at the traveler's check the identity of signatures. Traveler's check issuers are commercial banks and other credit and financial institutions, tourism organizations. Traveler's check is a means of payment for goods and services equivalent to cash and credit cards. Traveler's checks in appearance very similar to conventional paper money. They printed on special paper that has several levels of protection. Checks of these payment systems can be cashed abroad in almost any branch of the bank, with the cash you will receive immediately. When purchasing road checks, and in some countries - with the presentation of checks for payment, you will be charged the Commission. In some countries, checks can be present for payment directly to the office of payment systems. Types of traveler's checks Citicorp VISA Traveler's Cheques, released VISA, recognized and accepted at millions of shops, hotels and restaurants worldwide. VISA checks provide greater financial flexibility, safety and comfort - they are more reliable than cash, and their duration is unlimited. You can exchange traveler's checks for local currency VISA at most banks, exchange offices and hotels. VISA traveler's checks also provide you with cashing without commission fee (except where there are governmental restrictions) are more than 1,500 Citibank branches around the world. In the United States, your checks will invariably VISA accepted for payment along with cash at retail outlets, so you do not need to exchange your dollar checks in advance. Deposit of checks will be issued in...

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