Monterrey Campus Chihuahua Chihuahua city is the setting for a historic event in the field of research and product development for the Humana health care. Psoriasis is a chronic disease of the skin of multifactorial origin but with a genetic basis; It can affect any region of the skin but with predetermination to the skin of the scalp, elbows, knees and lumbosacral region. Psoriasis affects around two million people drastically reducing their quality of life in Mexico. April 15, 2010 was launched commercially treatment for Psoriasis DERMABON control is a SOAP for daily use that thanks to its formula gradually eliminates all body psoriasis plates returning its original state in a period of 4 to 8 weeks of disciplined use of the treatment. Treatment for psoriasis of DERMABON was tested through a clinical analysis conducted by the school of Medicine of the Tecnologico de Monterrey Campus Chihuahua proving a 93% efficiency in patients with mild, moderate, and intense psoriasis. Dermabon is recommended by: United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved the product for marketing in this country after performing extensive testing of quality of the product and the packaging, certifying that the treatment does not contain cortisone or immunosuppressive agents. The new life without ABP Psoriasis Association. Monterrey Nuevo Leon has tested treatment with great success and DERMABON is currently a product recommended on your website. DERMABON the best treatment for the control of its 2.13% coal activo:alquitran ingredients Psoriasis topically reduces the size and thickness of the skin lesion.Unlike steroids, it is able to make disappear a psoriatic lesion and allow a referral of the same fully or on a temporary basis, but for a period of much greater time and steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs do not produce recurrences, or regrowth after use.
The Valoracion Elders consider most important to their quality of life that they can do things for themselves, be independent, not how you have tension or sugar, as you have seen the geriatricians in its consultations. Hence, argue experts, the desirability of making them a geriatric assessment, one that includes a medical, physical, mental, cognitive and social. With these factors, the geriatricians make a list of problems and subsequently a plan of care, and from all those data manage to make a photo real elder robot so that it can be better treated and with less drugs since those of the various specialists who see them uncrossed for his medical problems. The Valoracion geriatrica lengthens the quality of life, brought the geriatricians, who however underline that Geriatrics is addressed to a very special group of elders older than 75 years, with pluripatologias, fragile and dependent - since not all older people need it. Those needing it should enjoy according to the SEGG, of a homogeneous quality system, which includes its strategic plan objectives: improving geriatric care, quality of care, promote good treatment to the elderly, require a universal geriatric care and encourage support for social and health agencies and institutions that deal with these problems of the elderly. To do so would have to perform a series of actions in the health care area, in the teaching and training - every year 60 doctors specializing in this matter - and the scientist and researcher, among others. And envelope everything should be promoting a positive view of people older because that - concludes - have allowed us enjoy the welfare state. Source of the news: the geriatricians reported that the Spanish elderly not receiving adequate attention

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