Intervention Strategy The mediation is a method of management of conflicts, that includes a third neutral one, the mediator, with the function to help to that the parts involved in a conflict can negotiate from the collaboration, a resolution of the same, satisfactory for all. It consists of a voluntary, flexible process and participating of pacific resolution of conflicts through what the parts meet with a third party (the mediator) attends that them in the negotiation in the agreement that contemplates the interests of each of them. It is an excellent method to solve problems in familiar, enterprise, scholastic, institutional and communitarian scopes since it avoids the lawsuit, it satisfies the needs with the parts and reinforces the cooperation and the consensus. One of the more important scopes of intervention of the mediation is, without doubt, the relative; the main reason of it is the diversity of moments at which the mediation can be useful to solve conflicts in familiar systems, from the solution of problems between the diverse subsystems of an extensive family, for example, hierarchic problems, to most well-known, than are the redefinition of the nuclear family caused by the conjugal separations. Like any other technique, the mediation has its limitations perhaps and, in certain cases he is not possible, that is to say, viable. From the point of view of interested, the most frequent causes they can be than, some of the implied ones considers that it could obtain better results in the contentious route and for that reason does not have disposition to negotiate; that conscious or unconsciously, it uses the conflict to maintain the bond with the other; that the object of the interested ones is not to solve a concrete conflict, but to lead back a relation in crisis. And from the point of view of...
Feng Shui When Working from Home To work from the home is a phenomenon every more habitual day in the last years due to the growth of Internet and the flexibility that grants to him to the work. In addition, also he is notable, especially in the United States, as every day there are more businesses than they are managed from the office of the home. The Feng Shui contributes the capacity to us to influence in the energies surround that us to harness the productivity, the creativity, the yield and the innovation. The Feng Shui is science coming from China that it has like objective to help to improve the present energies in the place where the professional activity within the house is developed. It is essential to know of kindness and the potential that can be reached by means of its correct canalization. For those people who have considered to apply the Feng Shui in their office, whether this one is in house like elsewhere independent, is important to include/understand that this one is another tool that is added to all the others with which it is tried to maximize the possibilities of achieveing the success of the company. In this point so it is only necessary to clarify a thing: when it is tried to apply the Feng Shui to an office that is in a residence, the study has to be global of all the house to try to maximize the benefits in the zone where it is desired, in this case in the office. When one is a commercial space like a store, office or commerce, the study also has to be complete, but centering us in the most important zones for the sales or that one that each proprietor considers primary for his interest.

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