PVC Gloss Construction in Russia today one of the most rapidly developing areas of application of labor and investment finance. This is explained by the fact that people had free finance that they want to invest in a solution of the eternal problem of housing and public promotion of the sphere, as seen in the example of many targeted investment programs. Do not lag behind the construction and related industries, for example, construction materials. Today the market is very popular new high-tech construction and finishing laminate, which is called the sandwich panel. Panel with the facing layers of hard plastic called sandwich panel pvc plastics in its construction provides strength and rigidity. In addition, the cladding panels are not afraid to ultraviolet rays and other environmental influences, it is resistant to open flames, taxing to care and simply beautiful. Natural color and texture coating can be varied in accordance with your requests, apply to it any image that makes the sandwich panels are an attractive material for pvc creating advertising boards and other marketing paraphernalia. The inner layer of the filler may be from different formulations used here, and polystyrene, and polystyrene and extruded polystyrene. You can choose to Depending on the final destination of manufactured structures, but in any case, you get excellent performance of sound and heat insulation, and other paroustoychivosti positive parameters relevant to the Russian climate, such as the possibility of numerous deicing material. Sandwich panels are often used in pvc production and installation of plastic windows, using them in the window slopes can improve performance characteristics of the window and avoid many unpleasant moments, such as freezing corners in places of contact with the external environment. This high-tech building material has a very low weight, it is easier to standard brick 30-40 times, which significantly reduces the...
Same Process From this point for this intelligent creature began the process of creation of his own kind. Why stressed 'to of a rational being '? And because such a process at the same time or later, or earlier, occurs in other parts of the universe in similar or completely different principles, and perhaps even in the same volume space. On this basis, we can conclude that these naturally occurring sentient beings in an infinite universe is formed quite a lot like the ones they create in the future. Differences in thinking between naturally-formed mind and artificial intelligence (AI), in the end, should not be created because the artificially created in the image of thinking of those who created them. The same process occurs when, reaching a high enough level of development of artificial civilization, begin to create their own kind, so the structure of intelligent life in the universe can be represented as a multi-layered. This process, albeit at a primitive level, began to manifest itself in our civilization (the creation of robots), but in order to substantively engage in creating their own kind is necessary, for a start, thoroughly examine yourself, and this the direction of mankind has not progressed, and in the process of creating sentient beings well ask ourselves the question: Why create just anyone with whom it will be impossible to talk later. For us is very interesting and relevant answer to the question: How can find a common language are so different and naturally formed ikusstvenno intelligent beings and civilizations.

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