More Advantageous Owner On any car market can be met " German" car in the "ideal" condition with shiny from silicone plastics. In this case, can shine even those parts that the new car is not shine. Possible disappointment awaiting a new owner of the car: The car drove from outside Germany, and from Holland. In Holland, a very humid climate. The car body is strongly susceptible to corrosion. Term future operation of the vehicle and its market value decreases. The cost of the upcoming body work - the most expensive work - increases. The car drove from outside Germany, and from Lithuania. In Lithuania, cheap auto repair work and skilled craftsmen. Damaged cars from all over Europe come to rebuild, it is the body recovery, and not for minor body repair, according to Sellers, in Lithuania. Three-time champion crashes easily transformed into a new car. How not to get fooled when buying a car fitting from Germany? We need to find the seller the following questions: - Is the seller the owner of the car, or just sell it on Power of Attorney. The owner or an immediate peregonschik car involved in buying a car abroad, its customs clearance. In his name issued a registration card car. The owner can tell you how much the country was bought by a car, what kind of car was life, he can show you the service book. "Simply the seller" bought the car from - a man who was involved in buying a car and its customs clearance - made a capital presale, which resulted in an old nag into a young stallion.

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