The Network -Allows you le to publicize your company, its products, its services - allows you to build the trust and credibility necessary to ensure that subscribers to address their capacity of consumption towards its products facilitates the construction of brand (branding) - allows you to show their competitive advantages allows you to convert customer potential in consumer allows you to retain your customers - unlike the traffic to a web sitewhich can be Cuantificado, but the concrete identity is unknown of who navigates it in an e-newsletter subscriber base is perfectly individualized in each issue. -Constitutes a strategy of support for the work of your web site marketing allows you to test (test) offers - allows you to establish long-term relationships with their customers and prospects. These features make the bulletin boards one of the most robust, reliable and durable business platforms. Many people think that editing a newsletter is an impossible task. For some the problem It lies in the commitment and for others it is the sentiment that may not do that do not know how to write. For others, it is a mixture of both reasons. The true power of email and therefore of the boletines-e has not yet fully captured and very few people understand its true potential. The common users believes that the web is equivalent to Internet and they forget that this only is a portion of what we know as the Internet. Without going any further, the e-mail represents the tool of greater use in the network. Enough to think: what is the first thing you do when you connect to the Internet? Bet that before anything first thing does is to check if you have messages in your mailbox. I mistake?.Isn't this a good reason to start creating your own newsletter? How many...
Energy Human Physiology It's - dependence on money. Yes, yes, yes! Once you cease to be afraid that you do not have enough money for tomorrow, you will begin to quietly treat them. When you do the previous six steps, you'll see that a few days a week, you do not remember them. You'll find that ceased to be dependent on them. You can make your most important step - to refuse the money! Seventh, the most important step, completely destroys the basis for this perverse world, because the refusal of the money you become indifferent to the property. Everything! Field to build a new civilization is FREE! Now for the not less important that it should be in mind. Until now we talked about what each person and all mankind together need to do to get rid of the devil octopus. But so far not discussed how this can be done. Agree that want and be able to - it is different things! However, there is no tragedy, because the specific tools to perform these seven steps exist in the world. These tools are born most of human evolution, and hence they are correct and natural. Their application built into every human body on the gene and the energy levels. Requires only a small leap in consciousness and knowledge about how to apply these tools. And, both can now be found in world. Since the energy development of consciousness - is the next step in human evolution (this tells the evolution of psychology - the branch of the Energy Human Physiology), today all religious schools and the direction in one degree or another, give tips and in theory and in practice.

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