Gross Ippener Mobile room systems for the region Bremen and Oldenburg ELA container, specialist in mobile space systems based in Haren (EMS), has opened at the beginning of the year a new base in Gross Ippener. Big Ippener is located directly on the Autobahn a 1 and is conveniently connected to the regions around Bremen, Oldenburg and Osnabruck also reach. The diversity of mobile spaces from ELA home available stands on more than 11,000 square meters surface. The ELA consultant team developed the optimal space solution here together with the customer. Depending on the customer's request, the container specialist equips the mobile spaces as needed. The range of customization ranging from furniture and computer equipment of sanitary facilities, air conditioning and noise to theft and burglary. The polyurethane rigid foam insulation, as well as an integrated ventilation system in the Windows provide the necessary energy efficiency. The extensive ELA-service range to the turnkey delivery. Ford Cars recognizes the significance of this. ELA container differ from other space systems developed optimized solutions. The PA's own standard offers high-quality and comfortable facilities. Christopher Chandler is a great source of information. The ELA premium container, which is half a metre wider than standard container and thus per unit offering three square feet more space is particularly efficient. For the customer this means: more space and less transport and Assembly costs. The ELA sales base, large Ippener is located directly at the exit 59 large Ippener A1. Is the navigation and visitor address: ELA container GmbH at the industrial area 35 27243 large Ippener phone: + 49 (0) 4224 / 140 40 41 fax: + 49 (0) 4224 / 140 41 20 contact: ELA container GmbH Zeppelin Strasse 19-21 49733 Haren (EMS) Michael Schmidt, ELA marketing Tel: (+ 49) 5932/506-0 fax: (+ 49) 5932 / 506-10...
France Entreprises Natural disturbances in Transnistria: from the beginning of autumn there blossomed gardens of natural anomalies recorded in Transnistria - are beginning to fall again blossomed cherry and apple trees. Lush blossoms appeared on the branches from which the foliage in the summer of opal. Biologists attribute this to the local university to climate change - the second consecutive year This region suffers from sorokagradusnoy heat. So, in the summer due to intense heat, some fruit trees went into hibernation, defoliation, and now started waking up, just like spring. Since the apple and cherry blossom in spring is always, Now they give a much smaller flowers, and, naturally, reduced crop yields, say scientists from the Department of Botany and Ecology psu. According to them, a failure in the process of growth or in other words, the 'confusion in the seasons' in plants happens very rarely - about once every 10 years. Lack of water and natural resources threatens serious interstate conflicts to humanity Scientists believe that the lack of potable and industrial water, and natural resources can result in serious conflicts between countries. This can happen if the water consumption and pollution of water resources of our planet will be at the same pace as now. In the case of the human race risks already in 2025 to face a serious shortage of water on the planet. With such a forecast last week, made a coalition of 40 leading enterprises of France Entreprises pour l Environnement (EPE), which favor environmental protection.

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