Afro Culture Torrid climate, the nature provided to the human being a skin covered of melanina to prevent the skin cancer and a hidrolisado hair to hold back all the water and sweat for auto-refrigeration. Therefore it is a historical, genetic hair, of paper importantssimo in the evolution of the humanity. (Josemir Camilo, January of 2009) Thus, ahead of such you inform in them more is not allowed to use the expressions of the type: good hair/bad hair, what it exists are types of hair, that> they had suffered alterations biological, ecological, secular. the result of these transformations is the miscellany of hair that can be found in the entire world. When Josemir Camilo interrogates in its heading: Bad hair? We would answer different yes, bad not. It is necessary that subjects as these circulate in all the medias. These dialogues would not have to concentrate only in the universities or meeting on History and Afro Culture, would have to work such thematic ones in our schools with our pupils and pupils so that the same ones (in its majority afro) if identify with what they veem and with what they have and they are not imprisoned easy to be engolidas and absorbed for the propagandas of world of the beauty and mainly of hair, where pra to be had as the same beautiful has that to follow bitipo of smooth and the blond one. Since we see of children the adults, men and women, independent of sort, if submitting to the use of strong chemical products, that can until taking the badly hackneyed death if; this everything to belong to the world of them ethnic and racial questions, exactly that of racist or pejorativa form. As example we can cite algumass marchinhas of carnival that dealt with the most diverse subjects,...
The Ring If elected beads, then they will approach the ring and bracelet. Not ethical, wear different kinds of jewelry from day per day, changing clothes, for weekday evenings and holidays. Jewellery inlaid with sparkling colored stones, suitable for evening or festive attire. On weekdays, good decoration, made of metal, glass and plastic. Beaded wire or chain can be worn in any environment. Jewellery, in which there is a silver, gold and stones is a minimalistic style - a classic. Jewellery, made in a complicated way, inlaid sparkling artificial diamonds or other stones, bright, and it can be a pendant necklace with different pendants, bracelets and earrings, worn with evening dresses in the appropriate season, namely the autumn or winter. Because a jewelery especially beautiful in the evening light. During the day in bright sunlight bijouterie these forms loses its appeal. Jewellery in the form of pearl jewelry according to etiquette is appropriate only for evening dresses. The fair sex, physical appearance which belongs to the warm type: a red-haired blonde with a straw hue, golden blonde, dark red-haired with freckles, it is recommended to wear gold ornaments. Women's appearance which belongs to the cool type, and the color gray hair, will look attractive and in harmony with silver decorations. Girls and women are not related in appearance to the above types recommended to wear jewelry, performed by the form of silver or gold, putting them in separately. Rarely can a combination of these types of products for variety. The basic rule of wearing jewelry is not recommended to wear heterogeneous ornaments, such as metal chain does not look to products made of colored or clear glass.

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