Mozilla Thunderbird E-mail is currently one of the media more employees. It has gained great popularity due to the ease of obtaining one or more accounts free of charge, by the simplicity with which to send or receive a message, by speed and almost immediacy with which arrives at its destination, by the possibility of sending the same text as images, also several impossible resources through other means able to attach different files, anyway. Any internet user receives numerous emails, that accumulate on your very valuable content in your account, sometimes pure trash, sometimes daily. Has it happened to you think, if one day suddenly lose all that information? are you prepared for a situation like that? This loss of data occurs frequently and is irreversible, sometimes caused by virus infection, deterioration of the operating system, unpleasant of hardware, etc. accidents and is very easy to avoid if you don't have any, only knowledge is required two clicks; If you want to keep reading below. They exist simple methods that allow you to create a backup of the entire database of your account's email address, as these accounts these methods are divided into two major groups. 1 You have installed a software email client on your computer, examples of these are: Windows Mail, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Fedora, etc. In this case only have to access the following page: create backup or backups of data in Windows on it you will find several files to download for free that will allow you with just two clicks create a backup or backup of the entire database of the mail client you use, which includes: emails received, sent, drafts, deleted, etc. The file when run will create a new folder where will copy all related information where you will have it available to you...

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